Degrees Offered


At a Glance (all options)


If your major is:
Your advisor is:
Liberal Arts
Tara TopSky and Mary TopSky
Teacher Education
Early Childhood Education
Bonnie Rosette, Cindy O’Dell Renee Leader, Susan Sutherland, and Josette Bill
Natural Resources/Chemistry
Doug Crebs and Anthony Russette
Wilma Tyner and Jolin Sunchild
General Science
Dillon Demontiney, George Belcourt, and Samantha Courchane
Allied Health
George Belcourt, Dennis Sangrey, and Shana Henry
Native American Studies/Cree Language
Robert Murie, Alicia Tyner
Studio Art/Chippewa Cree Art (Native American Art)
John Murie, and Jada Murie
Dennis Murphy and Joy Bridwell
Eric Shulund and Jessie Demontiney
Building Trades
Jesse Colliflower, Cameron Billy, and Candace Morsette
Human Services/Addiction Study/Peer Mentoring
Tracey Jilot, Shane Sangrey, and Shannon Crossler
Computer Science
Jennifer Duncan, Darrell Sunchild, and Cory Sangrey-Billy