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 SCC Student Government

The Student Government, made up of elected student representatives, administers funds generated by activity fees and Student Government fund-raising events for student activities. Student Government is the governing body of all student organizations. Those Student organizations requesting student activity funds to be used for student activities must make their request in writing to the Student Government. The Student Government will rule on the request and make a request to the College President to disburse activity fees. In some cases the President will have to take requests to the College Board for final approval or denial. The purpose of Student Government is to:

1. Develop leadership skills in students.
2. Act as liaison between students, faculty, and staff.
3. Act as liaison between students and the Board of Regents.
4. Program student activities.
5. Help evaluate programs and personnel.

Advisor: Tara Top Sky – SCC – 406.395.4875 ext. 3260

American Indian Business Leaders LogoSCC AIBL Student Club

The SCC American Indian Business Leaders Club is a membership that can benefit you for a lifetime. AIBL provides a community of support to enrich American Indian students' academic experience and develop students' skills in the business and economic development fields. AIBL empowers student members by encouraging them to participate in leadership roles. AIBL chapter activities prepare students for the challenge of leading American Indian people through business, government, and the greater community.
AIBL Club Activities
AIBL Conference in the spring.
Network with other students and professionals in business.
Participate in community service activities.

Advisor: Dr. Deb Arkinson - SCC - 406.395.4875 ext. 3255

Click here to visit the National AIBL Website

Native American Student Association (NASA)


NASA is formed to advance and promote the objectives of Stone Child College Mission Statement by enhancing the Chippewa Cree culture, tradition, and language awareness to students, families, youths, children, and community.

Providing a forum for the discussion and support of current Native American students.
Mentoring American Indian students wishing to pursue higher education.
Assisting new or transfer students with the transition into academic life.
Networking with tribal governments and tribal programs to ascertain internship placement opportunities.
Networking with tribal governments and tribal programs to solicit special project work for college credit and collaboration in organization, planning, and implementing school and community events and/or activities.
Encouragement to seek spirituality, self-reliance, family unity, community involvement, and become financially independent.

Any student, local or community member concerned with issues relating to the well being of the community-at-large by preserving and/or enhancing the Chippewa Cree culture, tradition, and language awareness to students, families, youths, children, and community.

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Advisor: Peggy E. Riotutar-Aquino – SCC – 406.395.4875 ext. 3245
Elder: Russell Standing Rock – 406-395.4608

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