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Important Dates

-Open IT Position & Child Care Positions at SCC. For more information view our employment page

-Hunter Safety classes are being hosted at SCC. Anyone born after 1985 is required to take a hunters safety class. First round is Sept. 29-30 and Second round is Oct. 1-2. Classes held from 6-9 in the evenings. For more information contact Mike Ley, 395-4725

-Any tribal members interested in starting up or improving their existing business should contact Rebecca Farr for information on the Indian Equity Fund. Deadline for applications are due September 30. Workshops will be held on September 3, 8, 10, 15 and 17. Each informational workshop will be held in the Kennewash Hall foyer from 5-7 PM. For more information contact Rebecca at 395-4875, ext, 255

-Download this document on the accepted NACTEP majors. For more information contact Peggy Aquino.

-Burger Queens, the cafe on the SCC campus, is open for business. They are open 8am-3pm, Monday through Friday, serving breakfast and lunch. Call them to place your order at 395-5162

-Start your application for Fall 2014 Financial Aid. Fill out your FAFSA form here.


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